October 28, 2004

Internet trials to go ahead

Iran judiciary cheif announced that those recently arrested for website content can be tried using the existing laws. The announcement was in reply to a question raised by a reporter who asked about how the detainess are going to be tried while the Computer Crimes bill has not been passed yet.

Talking about the bill, Mr. Shahroudi said it will define only crimes that have not already been defined by Iran's Islamic law, along with the accompanying punishment, while all other violations that fall into the existing crime definitions will be dealt with according to existing laws. "For example, if one's actions [using the computer] results in fraud or destruction, it will be punished by [existing] Islamic punishment law. But the bill will provide new definitions and punishments for cases where no current definitions exist", he added.

He also added that after the bill is passed, judges across the country will receive training to deal with computer crime cases.

Source: Gooya

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Female journalist arrested

Fereshteh Ghazi, a reporter of Tehran-bsaed Etemad daily, has been arrested, according to ISNA, over political websites.

She was summoned by the same judiciary branch that had summoned other web journalists, namely the 9th branch, located in Tehran Airport. Judge Zafarghandi is in charge of it.

Source: ISNA

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Iran's hard-liners turn a censorious eye on Web journalists

The recent arrest of several bloggers, online journalists, and Internet technicians in Iran has raised fears that the country's old guard is determined to muzzle dissent in cyberspace.

The Internet has become a refuge for liberal journalists since the hard-line judiciary closed scores of reformist publications over the past four years. The Web log, or blog, format - a cross between a diary and public commentary - has allowed dissident writers to reach a mass audience with less of the expense and oversight of print media.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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October 27, 2004

Arrested journalists 'don't need' lawyers

While the judiciary spokesman has said that the arrested Internet journalists will be fairly tried soon, some of them, including Omid Memarian and Roozbeh Mir Ebrahimi have contacted their families, asking them not to introduce lawyers to the court and to stop following their case through legal system.

Source: Radio Farda

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October 21, 2004

Net cafe's to be monitored

The khuzistan judiciary cheif announced that all internet cafes' activities will be monitored and controlled by the Information Guideline Committee.

"The enemies of the Islamic Republic are trying to steal our identity by dominating our culture through hidden waves", said Akbar al Sadat, Khuzistan's cheif justice.

"They have realized that territorial domination is no longer feasable and are trying to obtain cultural domination."

He stated that the committee's supervision on net Cafe's and Internet Service Providers will prevent social damages and help preserve our cultural identity. He requested for new inspections of these centers so that any illegal activities can be identified and prevented.

He also warned that owners of websites deemed to have illicit and immoral content, or those spreading anti-regime propaganda or defaming individuals will be prosecuted.

Source: Gooya

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October 19, 2004

University internet lab shut down

An internet lab providing internet connectivity to students has been shut down in University of Orumieh, a provincial university in Iran.

University officials stated that despite internet's scientific benefits, they were forced to shut down the lab which held more than 30 computers due to students' unscientific use and repeated browsing of "indecent" websites. "The lab will remain closed until students familiarize themselves with the philosophy of internet", the official added.

Source: ISNA

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October 12, 2004

Bloggers to be tried for "unauthorized websites"

In his first press conference since being appointed the judiciary's spokesperson, Mr. Karimi Rad revealed the recently arrested weblogers are awaiting trial for having unauthorized websites.

They are being charged with propaganda against the regime, undermining national security, encouraging unrest, and insulting sacred beliefs. Mr. Karimi Rad also hinted that the trials may be held publicly.

Source: ISNA

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October 10, 2004

Arrests over political websites continue

Omid Memarian, journalist, blogger and NGO activist, has been arrested during the latest wave of crackdown on Persian websites and blogs.

In addition to keeping his blogs in Persian and English, he is an active member the Youth Party of Iran and is the founder of Noandihsan (cached version), an Iranian NGO focused on youth issues.

His name was among those mentioned in the Kayhan editorial over the alleged CIA-led network of Internet journalists and bloggers.
Source: ISNA

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