October 28, 2004

Internet trials to go ahead

Iran judiciary cheif announced that those recently arrested for website content can be tried using the existing laws. The announcement was in reply to a question raised by a reporter who asked about how the detainess are going to be tried while the Computer Crimes bill has not been passed yet.

Talking about the bill, Mr. Shahroudi said it will define only crimes that have not already been defined by Iran's Islamic law, along with the accompanying punishment, while all other violations that fall into the existing crime definitions will be dealt with according to existing laws. "For example, if one's actions [using the computer] results in fraud or destruction, it will be punished by [existing] Islamic punishment law. But the bill will provide new definitions and punishments for cases where no current definitions exist", he added.

He also added that after the bill is passed, judges across the country will receive training to deal with computer crime cases.

Source: Gooya

Posted at October 28, 2004 9:26 PM