September 26, 2004

DCI rethinks filtering strategy

“We are taking fundamental steps to make parents and authorities sure that the development of IT in Iran is not contributing to corruption and immoral issues,” said Rashidi, the Director of Data Communications Organization.

“Along with developing the network, we are doing fundamental actions in the fields of security and filtering. To do so, we will employ experienced experts and consultants from allied countries so that this problem is fundamentally solved in our network. We will also provide necessary trainings, according to international standards, for all the people who are involved in the DATA network, including the members of ISPs ,” He added.

Rashidi mentions that filtering is now taking place in DATA network and the ICPs, and they are seeking to take this issue to the ISPs layer. They will support the ISPs financially with the 1 to 3 million [Toomans] (approximately 850 to 2700 USD) expenses that it will have for the ISPs. He claims that the authorities, parents and schools will not allow the development of IT in the country, if a proper filtering does not exist. He hopes that an effective filtering is established by the end of the year, so that it prevents visits to illegal and immoral websites by the users in Iran.

He defines the illegal websites as those websites that are determined to be illegal by a committee that is set up for this goal- i.e. defining the nature of the contents published in the Internet. He calls their organization an executive organization of the DATA network, which has no role in judging the content of the websites.

Source: ISNA

Posted at September 26, 2004 12:14 AM