September 25, 2004

Emrooz staff thanks Bloggers

The staff of the reformist website Emrooz has published a letter, appreciating the coordinated move of webloggers on Monday to publish part of the news of Emrooz website in their weblogs to protest filtering and recent arrests.

“The memorable and precious move of a great number of pro freedom webloggers in defense of the freedom of speech and to protest the violation of this definite right showed that we can believe in a huge potential that can face with the violators of human rights. This move also showed that pro freedom webloggers can all become united, regardless of their interests and ideologies, to defend the other’s right…”

In this letter the staff of Emrooz have shown their passion for the mature and dynamic atmosphere of the circulation of information in the Internet, which delights any pro freedom person, despite all the deceptions and conspiracies.

“The support and solidarity that webloggers showed on Monday, thanks to the suggestion of one of the pioneers of weblogging in Iran, is another illustration of the fact that Iranian pro freedom youth can become united to settle the basis of democracy and defend each other’s basic rights despite all their disagreements and criticism toward each other.”

The management of the news website Emrooz thanked each and every person who supported this move in any way. In their letter, they have mentioned about the technical shortcomings their website is suffering from due to the recent troubles caused by filtering their website and arresting their staff, but they have promised that they will not leave the stage of free circulation of information and will use their limited facilities to their best to contribute to this field.

Source: Bamdad

Posted at September 25, 2004 06:37 AM