June 08, 2004

New Wave of Crack-Down on ISPs

A dozen of small and medium-sized Iranian ISPs have been shut down over the last couple of weeks for providing VoIP Termination services, or failing to filter blacklisted websites, etc.

Based on a report by Labour News Agency (ILNA), Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran prosecuter, has told the ISP association representative that that they've been studying for six months to catch those ISPs who do not filter as intense as they should. Even Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran unpopular prosecutor, has particularly said that he "won't let the Imam Hossein's dearests to be insulted" by some Iranian websites.

Apparently, in the recent crack down, both IT Ministry and Judiciary have been involved: the minsitery to stop the VoIP that has terribly reduced its revenue, and the Judiciary to prevent people from accessing some radical anti-religious and anti-regime websites that are there in Persian.

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