May 11, 2006

Filtering office launched by IT Ministry

“The ministry of communications’ newly launched filtering office does not aim at judicial prosecution of the ISPs that provide service to illegal websites,” said Abdulmajid Riazi, the IT deputy of the ministry of communications.

According to Riazi, the previous softwares used for filtering were all located out of the country and therefore the IT office of ministry of communication did not have full control of them. Riazi mentioned this as the reason for filtering some websites by mistake. According to Riazi, the ministry of communications has now ordered the required filtering softwares to local software companies to localize the filtering system of Iran. This system that will be launched within a month has the ability to recognize websites that contain illicit words even after one user inside Iran visits those websites.

Source: Baztab

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Banned Keywords to be Revised

Iran’s Judiciary system’s Internet Bureau has been reportedly reinvestigating the keywords that are banned in Iran and will soon announce the results of the investigations. After the new investigations, the ban on those websites that have been filtered by mistake will be lifted.

One of the ways websites get filtered in Iran is through the set of forbidden keywords that Iran’s IT ministry gives to the ISPs. ISPs should then block the websites that contain those keywords.

Source: Fars News

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'BBC ban not political'

"BBC has not been filtered due to political reasons," said Jalal Yahya Zade, a member of Iran’s seventh parliament’s cultural commission.

According to Yahya Zadeh, who was reporting on his meetings with Iran’s committee for filtering websites, this committee had shown him couple of documents and evidence about BBC’s violations of “free information circulation.”

He emphasized that Iran’s authorities admitted that despite all those violations, they would be ready to allow BBC to continue its activities same as before, only if BBC complies with the “related commitments and regulations.”

Answering what “commitments and regulations” BBC should comply with, Meybody said in a nutshell that they should work in the "right way," i.e. should not act destructive or cross the redlines.

Source: ILNA

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