January 07, 2004

Emrooz.org officially filtered

BBC News reports that for the time the judiciary has ordered the government to filter Emrooz.org, a new website close to the reformists.

(The BBC has mistaken Iran-Emrooz.de, a Germany-based news website, for Emrooz.org. The screenshot on the story is from the wrong website either.)

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, the Iranian vice president in legal and parliamentary affairs, has written in his weblog that another news website, called Gooyaa (It's a different with Gooya) which is close to hardliners, is ordered to be banned too.

It all happened after 140 Iranian MPs signed a letter asking the President to stop the hardliner-backed websites spreading rumors and false information about reformists figures.

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Filter on Gooya News 'lifted'

The editor of Gooya news, a popular news website, has said that the Ministery of Telecommunication has lifted the filter on the website. He had, in fact, met with Mr. Motamedi, the minister of Teclecom during a UN Summit in Geneva, and had managed to asked him abuot the filter on his website.

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