October 21, 2004

Net cafe's to be monitored

The khuzistan judiciary cheif announced that all internet cafes' activities will be monitored and controlled by the Information Guideline Committee.

"The enemies of the Islamic Republic are trying to steal our identity by dominating our culture through hidden waves", said Akbar al Sadat, Khuzistan's cheif justice.

"They have realized that territorial domination is no longer feasable and are trying to obtain cultural domination."

He stated that the committee's supervision on net Cafe's and Internet Service Providers will prevent social damages and help preserve our cultural identity. He requested for new inspections of these centers so that any illegal activities can be identified and prevented.

He also warned that owners of websites deemed to have illicit and immoral content, or those spreading anti-regime propaganda or defaming individuals will be prosecuted.

Source: Gooya

Posted at October 21, 2004 05:08 PM